Sandblasting Basics


Sandblasting is also known as abrasive blasting and is used to take paint off surfaces to smooth out a rough surface using high-pressure air and sand mixture. Also used to sand very detailed projects and remove surface contaminants. Typically uses a compressed air or a centrifugal wheel to propel a blasting material with abrasive content. The first time we used sandblasting or rather the first time someone used this process was Benjamin Chew Tilghman and was patented by him in October of 1870.

Using sandblasting the material that is mixed with air that does the sanding is called media. most media used in sandblasting is very abrasive but there are different kinds of sandblasting some is mild and some is very abrasive.

There are many types of media used for sandblasting or used for abrasive blasting. the media types are sand, glass beads, plastic, ground-up plastic stock, Walnut shells, corn cobs, and many other types of media are used for sandblasting or abrasive blasting.

Sandblasting is forcing solid particles across a surface at very high speed and has the effect of sandpaper but provides an even finish with no problems if the work is very detailed or has nooks and crannies or a lot of corners in it or anything unusual shaped. Sandblasting can occur naturally when the wind blows sand through the desert at a very high rate of speed which causes erosion. the artificial sandblasting process is created using compressed air to push the solid or media materials at high speed. 

Sandblasting can be very effective  for tub repair, especially before reglazing or refinishing a fiberglass type tub.  Sandblasting Worcester know how to properly prep any surface and will save you tons of money doing so! Check them out.

Wet Blasting

There is also something called wet sandblasting or wet abrasive blasting. one of the Pioneers that started doing wet abrasive blasting process was Norman Ashworth who  discovered that there were advantages of using a wet process A strong alternative to blasting with silica sand. Wet abrasive blasting is used mainly to keep the dust down from the work environment or is used to control how hazardous dust that could get into the atmosphere and could be very hazardous to the health of the people in the vicinity.

Bead Blasting

Bead blasting is also used and the process is used by applying fine glass beads at high pressure so that it doesn’t damage the work as you are doing the blasting. Sometimes they use bead blasting to clean calcium deposits from pool tiles or other surfaces or remove fungus and brighten grout to its original color. bead blasting is also used in auto body work to remove paint from the surface of the metal. the reason be blasting as used in the Autobody industry is because sandblasting can profile the material and not keep it as true as be blasting wood. When doing auto body repair work a uniform surface is required to get a very smooth perfect paint job like you would want on your Lamborghini or Porsche or even those of you who drive POS Toyotas.  Bead blasting is also used to remove mineral deposits which have an m o h s hardness of 7 or less and would thus be damaged by sand. Sandblasting Boston are the best at bead blasting around!

Wheel Blasting

Wheel blasting is when you take a spinning wheel that’s spinning it a super Speed and that’s what propels the abrasive against the work that you’re doing. this is called airless blasting operation, because there is no air propelling the blasting media against the work. there is a super high powered wheel machine that is very high efficiency blasting that does the work using an abrasive material that is reusable typically steel or stainless steel shot or sometimes little pieces of cut wire or other similar pellets. Wheel blasting machines are very specialized and propell plastic abrasive in a cryogenic chamber and is used for deflashing plastic and rubber items. The first wheel blasting machine was very large and was patented by Wheelabrator in 1932 and was used for all kinds of projects at the time.

Hydro Blasting

Hydro blasting is generally not considered abrasive blasting as no abrasive media is used. Hydro blasting uses a strong stream of water blasting and is commonly used because only one operator is necessary. In Hydro blasting a very high stream of water is used to remove build up of chemicals and old paint and things like that without damaging the original surface. this method rocks for cleaning surface is both interior and exterior where the operator is confined to a certain area because of the reach of the water, some areas can be gotten to that a normal sandblaster would never be able to get to. One of the benefits of hydro blasting is that you can use the water over and over again if you catch the water  while working the project. If your looking for House Cleaning Nashua NH by using pressure washing this method may be for you. 

Micro Abrasive Blasting

Micro  abrasive blasting uses very fine material that is powered through a very small nozzle typically a quarter of a millimeter to 1 1/2 mm in diameter. this machine delivers a very fine stream that can be accurately aimed in a very small area. Micro abrasive blasting is also called pencil blasting because the fine jet of abrasive material is so accurate that it’s accurate enough to write directly on glass and delicate materials. High pressures are often required, this type of blasting can be hard to master. We would suggest seeking out Jacksonville Sandblasting as they are the absolute best blasters at this method we have ever seen. 

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is used in locations and for surfaces that need to be left very clean. Dry ice blasting uses Frozen carbon dioxide particles at a very high velocity  as the media for the blasting. When you use dry ice blasting there is no residue left behind and there is no cleanup other than the removed material. Dry ice is very easy on the under laying material and less destructive than sandblasting or less abrasive.

Portable Blasting Equipment

The  equipment used in sandblasting can be portable last equipment. Some blast equipment you can take to any job and use a diesel air compressor so that it does not require power. Not all blasting companies can do mobile sandblasting. However if you are looking for it around Oklahoma City look no further than OKC Sandblasting. Some portable blast equipment is very large and is found on semi tractor trailers but is still mobile enough to take long distance to large jobs. some blast equipment is very small and can be carried from the truck to the job very easily, or it has wheels on the bottom of it and can be easily wheeled from the truck to the job that is to be worked on.

Blast Cabinet Sandblasting

Sometimes it is essential to use a blast cabinet and a closed loop system that allows the blast particles or the abrasive media to be recycled and used over and over again. The blast cabinet is enclosed and you put your hands in these two big giant gloves that go inside the blast cabinet so that you can work with the material and still be outside of the blast cabinet. The guy running the blast cabinet is on the outside and he places his arm through the gloves and holds the material in the gloves protect his hand and he uses a foot pedal to start the blast machine.